Dogwood Flower Tutorial

Remember last week when I said I would post pictures of how I made my Dogwood Flower out of White Modelling Chocolate?

When you see how simple this really is, you won’t believe it!

First, make your modelling chocolate and let it sit for a day or so at room temperature.  The recipe can be found here.  Get all of your supplies ready.

Then roll out some White Modelling Chocolate and cut it out with your Dogwood Cutter.

Now, I have two different steps here, because not everyone owns a flower veiner.  I didn’t until just recently.  I used to use my little paint brush or a sucker stick or a toothpick to make vein impressions.

You can gently press the flower onto the veiner.

Or, you can use whatever tool you have handy to achieve similar results!

Place your formed flower in a little bowl that you have covered in foil.  This is an easy way to make a flower former for drying.

You can use your paintbrush to help you form the flower petals and give them some movement.

I am using just a tiny bit of brown and red dust, mixed together, to lightly brush the tips of the petals.   Can you see the cupcake in the distance?

I think it’s watching me.  Waiting for its turn….

I have some teeny chocolate balls, that I rolled, in a dish getting ready for centre stage.  I rolled them and then lightly dusted them with green lustre dust.

Here’s a little dollop of melted white chocolate that I am using for glue.

The little balls have been added to the centre of the flower.

It’s starting to take shape now!

The branches I made with dark modelling chocolate.  Remember here when I made my Dark Chocolate Roses?

Everyone is lined up, awaiting assembly.   I let mine dry for a full day on the counter before assembling.

This icing is a beautiful sage green Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  Delicious!

Tah dah!  Finished product. 

How easy is that?  And so impressive.  And so yummy.


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20 responses to “Dogwood Flower Tutorial

  1. Beautiful work! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Very pretty! Can’t wait to see some real flowers bloom around here 😉

  3. Tesei

    These are gorgeous, what a simple solution for a beautiful result! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Sassa Girl

    How did you get that lovely green colour using the brown sugar meringue buttercream? Your cupcakes are absolutely lovely!

  5. Martha,
    what a wonderful tutorial for modeling chocolate flowers!
    I also enjoy making my sugar flowers from Modeling Chocolate, and I am always glad to see other sharring my love of this medium.
    Please feel free to check out my website, many of my flower, embelishments, and cake are made using modeling chocolate.

  6. hydrangeabelle

    These are so pretty. I will search for a dogwood flower cutter.
    Thank you for the step by step.

  7. i love this page, I will give it a try this weekend.

  8. babyruth

    yah! your great, you made it easy to learn and the out come beautiful….

  9. mary stella

    hi where do you get your cutter?

  10. sharifahyusof

    Very, very pretty…thanks for the tutorial.

  11. erica

    absolutely beauftifful! i got everything here to make for mother’s day! wish me luck!

  12. WOW simply stunning and elegant!!

  13. Cloudy

    This is so gorgeous I’m thinking of making some for my best friends birthday can I ask where you got your flower veiner from?

  14. Very beautiful, thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely give it a try. Lovely blog, by the way 🙂

  15. Jen

    Well done! Thank you.

  16. Anna

    Where did you buy the cutter and press for this flower? I have looked for dogwood cutters and couldn’t find any…

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