White Modelling Chocolate

Want to know the best thing about this cupcake?

Besides the fact that it’s elegant and gorgeous looking, it’s entirely chocolate.  Cake, icing,  branches and flower.  The cake and icing don’t matter here (even though I believe cake and icing ALWAYS matter, just read on for a minute here…).    Today’s post is about the chocolate flower on top.

I’ve made the dark modelling chocolate before.  It’s one of the posts I receive the most mail about.  Remember here?  So I thought I would leave the recipe for the white as well.   I don’t think the white hardens as firm as the dark (still quite firm though), but it tastes just as yummy!

The best part about modelling chocolate?   No “glue” required and flowers firm up fairly quickly.  This flower takes just a little chocolate and some coloured lustre dust for accents.  Remember though, it is chocolate so it doesn’t tolerate heat!

I promise this will be a two-part post with a tutorial for the flowers to follow.  My hubby, who is also my photographer, is also a snowplow driver and we have been hit with a lot of snow today.  Needless to say I’m on my own, so I’ll have to wait until he’s here to finish up the tutorial.

I just love a dogwood flower.  It’s such an elegant flower.  Wouldn’t these be great for a wedding?  Shower perhaps?  Garden party?

Check out the Hungry Happenings site for fantastic information about working with chocolate.  While you’re there, check out some of the yummy creations!  This is where I get my recipe for modelling chocolate from.

White Modelling Chocolate

*from Hungry Happenings 

  • 16 oz good quality Belgian White Chocolate
  • 1/3 cup light corn syrup (more if needed)

1.  Melt chocolate over a double boiler.  Let chocolate cool to 91 degrees F, stirring often.  Pour in the corn syrup and mix well.   If the mixture is crumbly, add a little more corn syrup.  I do not knead mine at this stage as recommended, I put it in a sealable plastic bag and let it sit at room temperature for atleast 24 hours.  It will be quite hard when you start to knead it.  To soften it up a bit, pop it in the microwave for only a few seconds.

2.  Keep leftovers wrapped in plastic and sealed in an airtight container at room temperature.  Leave chocolate creations at room temperature to firm up and then store in an air tight container (at room temp).


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31 responses to “White Modelling Chocolate

  1. Thank you so much for these instructions. I never used modelling chocolate but I have to soon!!

  2. Anita

    Oh my goodne ss! Those are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful cupcake and thank you for the recipe for the white chocolate modelling chocolate. I’ve bookmarked your earlier post on this modelling chocolate and am anxious to try both now.

  4. Such a gorgeous post!! Would love to recreate those flowers in my kitchen!

  5. jo

    Hi, I stay close to the equator and get humidity and temperatures in the 90’s. Will the modelling chocolate stah intact in such conditions?

    • Hi Jo- I would think the chocolate probably would not tolerate the heat and humidity. It does harden fairly firm though and you could do a test batch to see what happens. It would be fine in air conditioning! If you make a small amount, let me know how it turns out.

  6. Dags

    Absolutely stunning!

  7. Texaslifemilitarywife

    Great post. That flower is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Just beautiful, bravo.

  9. Jamie

    Have you attempted to cover a cake in modeling chocolate? If so, how did you store it? I am afraid to put it in the fridge for fear of condensation, any thoughts?

    • I’ve never covered a cake in modelling chocolate., however, there seems to be lots of bakers who do with no major affect to the cake. You might see some condensation when you bring it back to room temperature. I actually put the dogwoods in the fridge and they went soft- but this white chocolate is a bit softer than the dark. I also put my dark chocolate roses in the fridge and they were totally fine. If you make a cake, I would love to see it! Let me know what you decide to do!

      • Jamie

        Will do! I am making cakes for Easter and I am determined to use Modeling Chocolate to cover them. I will send pics and let you know if it works out! HAHA

  10. kelly williams

    hi just wondering if you can paint this if yes what kind of colouring would i use

    • Kelly- You can use gel colours with some vodka to paint with pretty good results. I have used dusting powders with it. There are some recipes out there for modelling chocolate made with coloured candy melts too.

  11. aussieselftaughtbaker!

    so i attempted modeling chocolate 3 times with one brand i use for all my melting … and i didnt succeed ! was quite frustrating !!! so i went and bout another type that i usually buy and it worked !!!! haha i was so impressed ! thankyou for you directions 😉 .. Ps.. ill be sculpting a face out of cak and covering it with the white modeling chocolate 😉 haha hope it turns out the way i want haha 😉

  12. Sharon

    I have covered a mini cake in modelling choc but kept it in a covered container for 3 days was perfectly okay , had a combination of white and dark choc modelling paste on it

  13. Lisa

    i am making a wedding cake and have just been told the wedding is being held in a marquee, in summer with no air conditioning. I have never used modelling chocolate before. There are chocolate panels areound the cake, which I think will survive a couple of days in the refrigerator, but am a bit worried about the roses I was going to make out of modelling chocolate. The brides plan is to bring the cake out just before “the cutting” . Grateful for any suggestions

    • Hi Lisa- I have had lots of people comment that they always put their chocolate roses in the fridge with no problems. I think the cake would be fine if brought out and cut right away. I wouldn’t leave it sitting out for any length of time because it will become soft pretty fast. I myself try to persuade brides to use an alternative for roses/flowers especially when the cake will be outside. It’s just a worry that I don’t want 🙂 Renee

    • zoe

      Hey lisa , have u ever thought about using sugar paste ??? It will dry out better than modeling chocolate just a thought 🙂

  14. jocelyn

    Would molding chocolate melt or keep its form if you mailed it ? Wanted to make cake pops to mail to my Bf and prefer the taste of molding chocolate over fondant so would love to be able to do them in molding chocolate instead so that they look like roses? It isnt hot here or where it would be going… In canada and its winter after all.. Do you think they would hold?

  15. Rhonda

    This so beautiful thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try the flowers.

  16. If I put choc rose on cake that is frosted with cream cheese frosting I have to refrig it. Will that hurt the choc. I want one big rosé will it keep its shape if I make it like a normal size rose.
    Can I also mould a graduation cap would it work.

  17. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after looking at some of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

  18. Hi…
    Is it ok if i store the shaped modelling chocolate in the fridge instead of in room temperature??

  19. Oh my. I JUST started learning how to make and use modeling chocolate…like 2 days ago.These cupcakes are GORGEOUS. I am so excited about learning how to make the flowers out of chocolate instead of fondant. I am SO going to be fallowing your blog.

  20. elaine

    please can you give amounts needed for just a small amount of modelling chocolate-don’t want to waste a chunk of money if it doesn’t turn out many thanks

  21. Pingback: How to DIY Beautiful Modeling Chocolate Roses | iCreativeIdeas.com

  22. Rebecca

    How long can they be stored for?

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