Easy Homemade Fondant

I decided this week-end I would give fondant a go.  Homemade that is.  It’s super easy, although a little messy, and there’s oodles of video’s online, like this one,  about how to make your own.  It basically has 4 ingredients; water, marshmallows, shortening and icing sugar.  I flavoured mine with a bit of almond extract too.  It keeps well at room temperature for a few weeks and tastes way better than store bought.

Amanda at I Am Baker (amazing cakes!) made these cute cupcakes with fondant and fruit.  And it was so cute I totally stole the idea.  So although it makes me look super creative…I’m not…..

I have very few pictures to show you because..well, uh errr…we ate them as we were photographing them.  We voted and we liked the raspberry and chocolate best.  The chocolate cupcakes are absolutely amazing!  Recipe to follow soon….

A delicious surprise inside!  Even if you’re not crazy about fondant (you”ll like this one I promise!), you can still enjoy the berries and cake!

I added some raspberry preserves to the last one before topping with berries.  Yum!

Well we had to eat these anyway…they were all cut up!  We couldn’t let them go to waste!

And finally…playing with gel colours and attempting to decorate a mini cake (it’s actually 2 cupcakes).  My friend is getting married and I was trying to use her wedding colours on it.  Key word here is trying (she’s probably horrified).  It looks like a glorified Hostess Cupcake.  I was just playing!

This belongs on the boo boo plate, which is a plate that I throw all my mistakes on.  The kids hover over the boo boo plate like vultures.  I’ve never had people so eager to watch me make a mistake!  My son (bless him) carried this down to his buddies house and they were going to eat it anyway.  Love that boy!


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5 responses to “Easy Homemade Fondant

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  3. MagPie

    I love your site! I have been a decorator since I was 16 and just started getting into fondant at 28… Haha! But it’s because store bought tastes disgusting and is kind of a pain. However, I am getting married and really want to make an amazing wedding cake that exceeds even my own expectations!
    So I wanted to know a few things…
    What is the recipe for your fondant icing and how much flavoring did you add? And lastly, did ya have any more tips to share?

    • Hi MagPie,
      I had kind of forgotten about this post, one of my first posts! Gah! Loved to see how far we have come on here. I’ve updated the post so you can see the link to the recipe and video better. I am not a fan of store bought fondant either, but I do like it better for making decorations and such, I find it easier to work with. I just add flavouring to taste. Not much is needed. Way to go on making your own wedding cake! Wow! My biggest piece of advice is practice, practice, practice! Working with fondant can be tricky and frustrating. I always use Swiss Meringue Icing under fondant as well. Just my preference. Good luck!

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